to slate = to cuss, to insult
a slate = an insult
He slated her good
by bi-atch August 24, 2002
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A hard metamorphic rock,formed from the sedimentary shale. It progresses through to phyllite, schist, and gneiss.
by The Great Bonzo March 3, 2004
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Only Something god has control over. he slates your death. he knows when you die. only he can change that or not
Ok so you can love me or hate me/
ain goin nowhere only god can slate me/
by B-Millz August 26, 2006
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when u slay and ate 😜
by bestse November 2, 2022
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To make someone look really bad to someone else
by ogaiy June 7, 2003
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a bald poon. completely shaven
I told that chick I only eate it if it's a slate.
by Guido & Skippy February 21, 2005
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when someone addresses your negative factors to a large group of people in front of you
Mikayla: Look at Sophie, she always acts like the teachers pet to get 7As
Sophie: I know I'm a suck up, stop slating me!
by Assdhkposwwf23 April 2, 2017
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