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An online current events and culture magazine currently owned by the Washington Post. Slate features a wide variety of columns and articles (The Explainer, Dear Prudence, The Green Lantern) as well as a number of blogs such as The XX Factor and Kausfiles. Slate is known for its humorous, often irreverent style, and has acknowledged its own liberal bias and contrarian tendencies. Often highlights events and legislation which are largely passed over by the mainstream newsmedia. Originally adopted a "liberal hawk" stance on the US invasion of Iraq, but has since become increasingly critical of the occupation's management. Slate updates continuously with new articles and features added throughout the week.
I read a great article on Slate the other day about Parliament and the afronaut movement.
by Cicero's Assassin July 10, 2008
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to slate = to cuss, to insult
a slate = an insult
He slated her good
by bi-atch August 24, 2002
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A hard metamorphic rock,formed from the sedimentary shale. It progresses through to phyllite, schist, and gneiss.
by The Great Bonzo March 03, 2004
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a combination of "Stupid", "Loser", and "Tate"
Tate and Lucy at the same time: we should go to hershey park!!!
Tate: jinx!! knock on wood!...bang...bang...bang...OWWW!!!
Kanika: gosh Tate, don't be such a slate!
by Lucinda Rolando May 19, 2008
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a derivative or lazy way to say see-ya-later or later or lates

also, some Corp stole the word and made the name into pants. dikks!
I'm audi.....slates!
by Mark T January 25, 2005
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Only Something god has control over. he slates your death. he knows when you die. only he can change that or not
Ok so you can love me or hate me/
ain goin nowhere only god can slate me/
by B-Millz August 25, 2006
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