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A healthcare practitioner who receieved a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from a 4-year acreditted chiropractic college. DC's perform vertebral and extremity adjustments for the correction of vertebral misalignments (aka subluxations). Adjustments correct nerve interference and/or impingment to bring about better flow of the nervous system to all parts of the body (organs, muscles, etc). Chiropractic is in limited ways associated with, but not to be mistaken by massage therapy, physical therapy, osteopathy, and medicine. It's the fastest growing healthcare profession to date, and will remain on the fore-front of family healthcare & disease prevention for years to come.
Chiropractors are the future of primary healthcare. Don't dis it, until you try it.
by j to the bizzo May 03, 2005

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To be intoxicated, drunk, or un-sober.
Dude, are you slated or what?
I've been slated since I got here.
We's gon' get slated toNIGHT!
by j to the bizzo May 03, 2005

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