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Mikayla is a great friend. She is loyal, a bestie, and a great backup. She will always be there for you, no matter what. She will be your backup through the thick and thin. Get a mikayla
I love you Mikayla
by Chelsay_the best February 20, 2018
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A girl who always has your back. Mikayla's have a natural love of animals and people. They are very feisty and have a wonderful body shape. They often don't they are beautiful even if their friends tell them everyday. A Mikayla will spend up to eleven hours outside with animals and friends. If you don't see a Mikayla with her friends, animals, or outside she is probably inside on her phone, tablet, or PS3 playing games or on youtube. If a Mikayla doesn't get her way, watch out.
Friend: Hey want to come over?
Me: No I'm going to Mikayla's.
Friend: Can't you just skip?
Me: If I skip I'm dead
by Kanade_Lola Tachibana January 15, 2017
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Mikayla's are gorgeous girls, though they may not know it. They've often had a rough life, with trials such as death of a close family member. Mikayla's are often underrated, but when they try, they can be the most beautiful girls on the planet. Keep your eyes out for a Mikayla, because if you find one, she's a keeper!
Friend 1: Look, that girl is so gorgeous.
Friend 2: She's a Mikayla for sure!
by HealySlut October 18, 2015
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A girl who is beautiful, smart, and gives really good advice. She's usually very musically talented, and an amazing singer. Mikayla's are often gingers. They are loving and caring and have very bubbly personalities. They can also be very random at times. If you ever have ANY kind of problem, find a Mikayla. Mikayla's are the most amazing people you will ever meet. If you are a Mikayla, I envy you(:
Mikayla Is a Fabulous Singer
by MortonM01 March 20, 2018
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Amazing, best girl you could meet
beautiful, smart, caring, definition of someone everyone loves.
never a whore,nor slut
mikayla is more than likely an amazing girl
gets what she wants
never gives up
a great person overall
Jenn-wow, your so smart and pretty
Cassie-I know, I'm pulling a Mikayla
by remeberance December 13, 2007
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Mikayla is a strong, intelligent, beautiful girl. She has had a rough life, & often puts herself down. She has made many mistakes in her life & might not have the highest self esteem. But she is beautiful, even though she might not know it yet. One day she will learn to realize the beauty that's inside her & will be an amazing woman. She's curvy & can be reserved at times, but definitely has a fun, spontaneous side. She is a loyal friend & lover. She's a loving, kind, & caring person. She is loved by many. Taking her for granted would be a big mistake, She's a keeper.
Damn, I should've never left her! She's a Mikayla
by ONE-SMART-COOKiE. November 11, 2010
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Best friend material for sure. If anybody knows a woman named Mikayla, they better recognize true beauty inside and out or else they would lose a great friend! Girls named Mikayla will often show great qualities, such as being very trustworthy, loyal, friendly, funny, and a very lovable and great person to be around. Everybody loves Mikayla!
Alexander: I'm so glad I have a friend named Mikayla.
Drake: I bet, I hear Mikayla's are amazing!
by YourBFFHappybirthday November 28, 2011
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