Mikayla is a Goddess sent from above. She is truly an amazing celestial being. Sent from heaven. Anyone who has known a Mikayla has been blessed. Her aura radiates any room and makes anyone's day better. Even on her bad days Mikayla makes life brighter. She shines bright on her darkest days. Mikayla has a small inner circle cause she aint got shit to say to nobody she doesnt vibe with. She will drop anything and do anything for her closest friends and family. If you have a Mikayla in her life never let her go. Everybody needs a Mikayla.
Person 1: What's the deal with that Mikayla girl?
Person 2: She's the coolest, most down to earth girl I know. She would do anything for her friends! Anyone is lucky to know her.
by Terica4lyfe January 11, 2019
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Mikayla is a great friend. She is loyal, a bestie, and a great backup. She will always be there for you, no matter what. She will be your backup through the thick and thin. Get a mikayla
I love you Mikayla
by Chelsay_the best February 20, 2018
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Mikayla's are gorgeous girls, though they may not know it. They've often had a rough life, with trials such as death of a close family member. Mikayla's are often underrated, but when they try, they can be the most beautiful girls on the planet. Keep your eyes out for a Mikayla, because if you find one, she's a keeper!
Friend 1: Look, that girl is so gorgeous.
Friend 2: She's a Mikayla for sure!
by HealySlut September 3, 2015
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A girl who is beautiful, smart, and gives really good advice. She's usually very musically talented, and an amazing singer. Mikayla's are often gingers. They are loving and caring and have very bubbly personalities. They can also be very random at times. If you ever have ANY kind of problem, find a Mikayla. Mikaylas are the most amazing people you will ever meet. If you are an Mikayla, I envy you(:
Mikayla Is a Fabulous Singer
by MortonM01 March 20, 2018
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A stubborn, sassy, badass who also has the kindest heart ever.

Gets straight to the point, and is blunt when necessary.

Will do anything to protect those she loves! Curses half the time, and has a freaky mind set.

Is always the life of the party, but also needs her alone time.

Loves the idea of being in love, but is also scared of losing it.

Doesn’t like being out of control, short tempered, and competitive.

Fearless, and always up for adventure.
Mikayla can either be the best person you will ever know, or your worse nightmare, the choice is yours.
Landon: Damn, you see Mikayla?
Christopher: Yeah. She is the best person ever, you shouldn’t have fucked up so badly.
Landon: I know I miss her.
by Rarissime.bellezza April 18, 2020
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Mikayla is a beautiful, caring and all around the most amazing person you will ever meet. She cares about others, and is extremely selfless. She is by far girlfriend material and any guy would be lucky to have such an amazing girl like her by his side.
Mikayla is amazing.
by Darey the dare devil July 1, 2017
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