The word to describe that you think something is "quite good" but in a posh way.
"Are you going to watch the match tonight"

"I sure am"

"That's quite sedimentary"
by Mr.Sedimentray June 25, 2007
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Any food comprising of multiple foods pressed/forced together. Kinda like a sedimentary rock is made up of multiple rocks pressed/forced together...except its food.
The snack my friend was eating was a Sedimentary Food because it was formed of multiple foods smushed together.
by TheFiend138 January 18, 2015
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Sedimentary rock is the formation of deposited rock being compacted and formed into layers after millions of years
Dead organisms die and fall to the bottom of the water source and after long heat and compaction become peat a creamy brown substance soon to turn into to firm black coal after millions of years.Erosion can also cause sedimentary rock to form when the rock piles and becomes firm and sturdy.
by Cat girl 43222 May 15, 2019
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