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the fun toy of a ball on a long plastic string, that you put on your ankle and hop over everytime it comes around, until you trip and fall on your face.
Golly gee this skip-it keeps me hopping for hours!
by kangaroopoo October 14, 2007
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forget it, relax
Hey man im gonna fail dis class man wat do i do!

Skip It man dont trip its gonna be aight.
by famous Vee July 19, 2008
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A phrase used to "skip" an argument between a group of people
Person1: Why did you leave the milk out?
Person2: You're the one who left it out
Person3: Can you two skip it already
by Galapplez September 12, 2019
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The guy making love to your moma as you read loaf!!
Loaf: Wheres skip?
Person 2: He's wrecking your mother right now!
by Hardeep Julopi June 26, 2003
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