A word used to refer to a someone in the Italian-American Mafia that has a higher position than the one of the person talking. A soldier calls a capo "skip". A capo would call a consigliere "skip". A consigliere would call the boss "skip" and so on.
Nicky: So you whacked Little Bobby?

Joe: Yeah, the skip gave me the order.
by JaBoii January 25, 2014
1. To hop with one leg foreward, alternating the foreward leg between hops.
2. To be a pervert, to become one, or to make something perverted.
3. To ditch, leave, or flee from.

1. A pervert.
2. A perverted act, jesture, or verbaige
3. A derogatory term for a person of Anglo-Australian decent.
1. "I skipped around the block!"
2. "Dude! Don't skip what I say!"
3. "I skipped science yesterday, and my mom grounded me for a week!"

1. "Ugh! John is such a skip!"
2. "Dude, did she just skip you?"
3. "Don't talk to me, you fuckin' poofta skip!"
by Kelly "Mitsune" May 24, 2006
An old head who refuses to listen to facts and are unwilling to be objectively realistic. They will then attempt to refute by using old outdated information, make something up, push blame in an unreasonable comparison or change the subject.
Baker Mayfield had an 11 game stretch and won the first playoff game in decades. Come on Skip what is he doing NOW?
by Wayne_brady07 December 14, 2022
A derogatory word used to describe Australians, usually used by ethnic people. The term was coined from the TV show "Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo". The Kangaroo being one of Australia's native animals.
Matt: "You want to go to the footy on the weekend?"
Gino: "No way bro, what are you, a skip?"
by cRaZy-HuNNii May 18, 2005
A woman/man who hooks up with one's recently widowed/divorced/never married mom or dad and then ditches them later.

Ditch time can be immediately after sex when the partner has fallen asleep or up to a month later, when they just vanish.
Skip #1: I
Skip #2: am
Skip #3: going
Skip #4: to
Skip #5: be
Skip #1: your
Skip #2: new
Skip #6: FAZZA!

-- Example from John Tucker Must Die


Girl: I can't believe my dad's girlfriend turned out to be a skip!
by DamnItSkip July 3, 2009
A term to describe new discord users in MRT Discord Server. Has white username and generally is always an attention seeker , general annoyance , asks dumb questions and love to cause drama. Will always think they are above the rules and being the idiots with zero IQ. General age of skips are 7-12 years old. Which is the illegal age to use discord.
STFU you skip

Skip moment

You area skip? Cringe
by MRTDISCORDSERVER November 28, 2020
A girl you'd use for a one night stand. You are just with her to dump a load in her.
l was out last night and picked up a skip. She was some skip, I dumped a couple of loads in her!
by demo1234 January 5, 2010