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Generic Athletic Footware
Sneakers from Payless, Kmart, Walmart, ..etc
by Carlos May 01, 2003
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A term used to describe an Anglo-saxon Australian, but to be more precise, a synonym for 'Dinkum Aussie'.

Derived from the Australian TV show 'Skippy' starring a Kangaroo from the Australian bushland.
1) You skips can't handle spicy food!
2) You won't find any skips down in Springvale.
3) You're too skip drive a Skyline.
by pHr34kY April 03, 2004
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a large metal bin used by construction workers to place rubble, dirt, random trash and shit
hey son, we're cleanin out the garage, go and hire a skip
by crazy_mofo November 11, 2003
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A term of derision by non-Anglo-Celtic Australians to describe Anglo-Celtic Australians. Especially used in inner-urban, working class areas of Melbourne frequented by children of Greek, Italian or Vietnamese migrants ("wogs") to describe (especially blue eyed, blond) Anglo-Celtic Australians. Only considered very mildly offensive. Started in the mid nineteen-seventies and still occasionally used in the early twenty-first century, as there is no similar word available for this purpose.

Derived from "Skippy", a very popular Australian TV program from the 1960's about a (very clever) kangaroo and his human (Anglo-Celtic Australian) guardians.
"Piss off ya ugly leb wog!"
"Yeah, up yours, skip!"
by Sodomy Swine October 18, 2005
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Short for Skipper, the person in charge of steering a seafaring vehicle.
Swabbin' the deck as ordered, skip.
by doodz0rz July 26, 2004
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1. To hop with one leg foreward, alternating the foreward leg between hops.
2. To be a pervert, to become one, or to make something perverted.
3. To ditch, leave, or flee from.

1. A pervert.
2. A perverted act, jesture, or verbaige
3. A derogatory term for a person of Anglo-Australian decent.
1. "I skipped around the block!"
2. "Dude! Don't skip what I say!"
3. "I skipped science yesterday, and my mom grounded me for a week!"

1. "Ugh! John is such a skip!"
2. "Dude, did she just skip you?"
3. "Don't talk to me, you fuckin' poofta skip!"
by Kelly "Mitsune" May 24, 2006
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