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(Typically a Singaporean/Malaysian expression)
Definition: An unethical way to express "pending decision" which normally is a "NO" as answer;
a beating about the bush way to say no;
a so called "polite" manner to say no while giving an impression that you might say yes in the end.
In broken english
A: "Eh watch movie tomorrow ai mai?"
B: (dont really want to go, probably got unconfirmed plans with more important friends)
"See how lor."

In standard english
Tom: "How about catching a movie tomorrow?"
Dick: "See how."
The following day, Dick did not reply or mention anything about the movie plan. Neither did Dick turn up for the movie, he simply abandons Tom's plan. Dick is probably enjoying himself elsewhere with other friends.
by nagaryuz September 22, 2015
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A typically Singaporean slang way of saying β€˜I'll decide later based on the circumstances’

Similar to the more common slang wing it or play it by ear
β€œHey, how about L4D this Sunday?”
β€œSee how :P”
by Linguist who's Cunning April 28, 2009
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