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Money. What we all live and die for.
"Ends. Some people would rob they mother for the ends.
Rats snitch on one another for the ends.
Sometimes kids get murdered, for the ends.
So before we go any further I want my ends." - Everlast "Ends".

"So he falls off track, starts smoking the crack. And once it hits his brain it starts to chain react."
by Dysfunction January 18, 2004

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To skip a class or to skip school all together. Only do it every once in awhile if your in High School. Or anytime from Jr High, up. You need to get your classes but a skip once in awhile is aight ;)
"Melissa is skipping 1st thru 4th hour with Lee so they can fuck in his car in the parking lot across the street"
by Dysfunction September 22, 2003

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To be gratefull for something.
Thanks for a good fuck.
by Dysfunction September 07, 2003

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Awesome free game made by the United States army. The new version (Special Forces) comes out October 31st! :)
by Dysfunction September 28, 2003

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Best damn fuckin movie ever. there is a good quality version on Kazaa right now! Fucking awesome movie starring Johnny Depp.
I'm a doctor of journalism man.
by Dysfunction September 23, 2003

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A stain of Semen/sperm/jizz/cum.
"He had nut stains all over his pants"
by Dysfunction September 06, 2003

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The stage between drunk and plastered in which a person has become fully intoxicated but still has enough mental capacity to get his/her pants down before taking a leak.
- I got drunk last night
- You were past that. You were d-runk.
by dysfunction December 10, 2004

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