16 definitions by Dysfunction

Money. What we all live and die for.
"Ends. Some people would rob they mother for the ends.
Rats snitch on one another for the ends.
Sometimes kids get murdered, for the ends.
So before we go any further I want my ends." - Everlast "Ends".

"So he falls off track, starts smoking the crack. And once it hits his brain it starts to chain react."
by Dysfunction January 18, 2004
A stain of Semen/sperm/jizz/cum.
"He had nut stains all over his pants"
by Dysfunction September 6, 2003
In Americas Army it is the RPG-7. It just blows up anything it hits or in the general area. It is also called the "ROE Cannon" because it has a tendance to TK. If you stand behind the person shooting you will die and the explosion radius is so high that it will probably get teammates.
Player was blown up by DysfunctionalFORCE's rocket
DysfunctionalFORCE attacked teammate Player1
DysfunctionalFORCE attacked teammate Player2
Player 2: Wtf n00b cannon.
by Dysfunction January 10, 2004
Best damn fuckin movie ever. there is a good quality version on Kazaa right now! Fucking awesome movie starring Johnny Depp.
by Dysfunction September 23, 2003
A group of stupid, annoying, or dumb people.
*mumbles* "fuckies..."
by Dysfunction January 11, 2004
To be gratefull for something.
by Dysfunction September 7, 2003
1) People who live inside your phone and talk to you when it rings. Usually picking really bad times to talk to you.
"I threw my phone and all the people inside spilled over my living room"
by Dysfunction September 7, 2003