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1. Of or relating to one who is digustingly foul or filthy and often considered sexually promiscuous, but often contradictorily portrayed in a decidedly more pious fashion.

Quite obviously, skanktimonious derives from the contraction of skank, that of more popular vernacular, not the rhythmic dance, and sanctimonious.
Paris Hilton is so skanktimonious.
by Heywood Giablomi December 09, 2005
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Adjective to describe a judgmental woman who presents herself as an upstanding religious person, and talks a lot about "family values," but who has a double life that includes many violations of the principles she purports to uphold, including, but not limited to, sexual transgressions.
"Did you hear that Maisy cheated on her husband after the Christian Fellowship meeting last week?"

"That can't be possible. She is always saying people who go outside of marriage are condemned to life in hell."

"It is true. But ever since she got the implants, she has been a skanktimonious bitch."
by Gwen Harleth January 22, 2011
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Word describing the behavior of someone of equal or greater skankiness labeling someone else a skank or otherwise making them feel like a skank.
Did you see the way she got all skanktimonious on me when she saw what I was wearing tonight?
by KelH October 04, 2007
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Making a show of being morally superior to others because of one's sluttiness.
"Just because you had a four way at the hot tub party last weekend doesn't mean you need to be all skanktimonious about it."
by Lexical Spirits September 17, 2018
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