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a term short for cardiovascular bronchitis but is mistakenly used in the music industry from a famous artist with a similar name
doctor: i'm so sorry sir but it appears you have... Cardi B
basic bitch: *lip syncs the lyrics to a cardi b song on snapchat*
by XxX_ad0lf_h1tl3r_XxX May 09, 2018
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Something that somehow made it in the music industry. During interviews you will find that she is mentally unstable. And is also the reason people should have a license to have children.
Cardi B- a discrace.
by Iโ€™mGay6785 June 14, 2018
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A ratchet bronx rapper who brought corruption into the rap game. Cardi b acts like she's so tough but yet she had a baby with a man who cheated on her 5 times. Instead of fighting him she went out of her way to fight the girls that offset cheated on her with. People think that her bad behaviour is being real. She threw a shoe at nicki minaj because she liked a tweet about cardi b being a bad mother. And by throwing that shoe, she proved everybody's point that she is indeed a bad mother. Her career is built off of sympathy and payola.
Cardi b just threw a shoe at her
by alexwhatever2 October 14, 2018
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A talentless rapper with fake boobs and a fake ass who can't even write her own lyrics.
What is Cardi B even good for? Her body is fake, she can't write her lyrics, she's dumb, she literally has nothing to offer!
by The Fap King June 23, 2018
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To become huge in a field in which you have no skill or experience in at all.
1. Donald Trump pulled a Cardi B when he became the president of The United States.

2. Joe became a Doctor even though he never went to medical school, Joe pulled a Cardi B.
by Icy Wyte January 01, 2018
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