Anything you call another person. Including groups or a lifestyle.
I'm so fucking tired of labeling!
by smartest teenager ever! June 29, 2006
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anything you can call someone that could hurt them or describe them in a nice way is a fucking lacel if you think different your wrong. If anyone says fag or gay or anything that describes someone in a pro or con way is a label okay.
That guy over there has a gay haircut he is such a FAG. (That is what labeling is get over it.)
by Reighn Beau Bitch July 23, 2006
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Something you put on jars. Not on people
That has Label says the Jar has apples in it.
by Jason M. January 27, 2005
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Getting knocked the fuck out with a blow to the face.
Can also describe anything that results in a digger.
That kid's gonna get labeled if he keeps running his mouth.
That kid on his bike just got labeled by that branch.
by KDog88 January 12, 2009
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pointless words (emo, goth, skater, preppy, poser, etc.) used to stereotype people because of what they wear or what music they listen to. Most people who label others have NO idea what they are talking about, in fact anyone who labels people are narrowminded asswholes who have nothing better to do. Just because you listen to My Chemical Romance doesn't mean you are emo and slit your wrists in a dark room with candles every night, and just because you wear alot of black doesn't mean you worship the fucking devil, and just because you wear pink and say "like" alot doesn't mean you are a prep. Seriously, people who label others dont know shit like they think they do. If you disagree with what someone listens to, don't listen to it. And if you disagree with what someone wears, don't wear it. But whatever you do, don't tell them you disagree, because no one gives a flying fuck what you think. Labels suck. So do labelers. Be yourself, and don't live by someone else's rules so you can be cool.
labels are incredibly stupid
by fsdjgnjkasgnjasfdnl May 8, 2006
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1. Something, usually a sticker of sorts; that you stick on a jar or a box to identify the contents and/or purpose.

2. A highly complicated system which is used to classify people, usually high school students; in an attempt to organize them by how they are 'supposed' to be, determined by what music they listen to, what they wear, and in some cases their income. Comparable to the caste system of ancient India.

3. An attempt to classify every band by their 'style'
1. The box is labeled 'tupperware'

2. Oh yeah, she's an emo-goth for sure. You can tell by her Converse and black eyeliner.

3. Oh yeah, their style can pretty much be summed up as alterna-punk/emo/goth/post-hardcore screamo/3rd wave ska revival/punk-core/pop/ska-pop
by Katie March 16, 2005
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Used in the lesbian community to define a person who does not consider themselves to fall into the stereotypical categories of fem,stud, butch, or girlie. Not to be confused with "stem" which is a person who dresses and acts in a way that is clearly a mix of stud and fem or butch & fem. No labels usually give off no traditional signs or signals that they are in fact gay. They are more than likely assumed to be straight. Most no labels are NOT bisexual but more closely related to the term "asexual". They are not "undercover" but choose not to let their relationship preference be a major factor in their day to day activities. Though they get along with all in the lgbt community they hate categories and tend to live outside of the box of what is accepted or expected in that community.
Example: I never knew Mary liked girls, I always thought she was straight.
Person 2: Everyone did, but she's definitely gay. She's just a No Label so you would never know.
by LovelyNoLabel June 6, 2014
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