person 1: OMFG did you see Matt wearing those SJ's today!?

person 2: He looked so ghetto!
by jj and am December 22, 2008
an extrememly hot male who works at F and M
SJ is a drunk
by Anonymous October 4, 2003
Part of the hip, nerdy croud around Delaware. Most notorious for fast good looking cars with loud sound systems. Generally causing trouble around the state.
Yo, those SJs are winning all the local shows with their flashy subarus and hyundais...They have no idea that we love them so much.
by Joey Roberts January 6, 2006
<SJ>But our OS has more features and is much more reliable than yours.
<GATES>But you don't understand Steve, that just doesen't matter...we have them under our control, mwahahahaha!
by Fozz! February 16, 2004
He is the best friend he is the one that can hold a conversation for hours the one with the curious name he is the one that won't hesitate to tell you the brutal truth he is the one that would always be there regardless you can block him and he will forgive and forget he is the one the has things in common with everyone he is the kindest one the honest one the nice one but also the brutal one the one with problems the one u need to be for as much as he is there for you.
He's so honest

Yes he's much like a Saikou

Saikou (SJ)
by Potterhead (Hufflepuff) November 29, 2020
Jeans that should only be worn by females. No male should ever expose their stuff by wearing a pair of SJ's. Who want's to see your junk? Not this guy. Hope you are done trying to have kids because those SJ's are going to put an end to you and Bebe's attempt to have more.
Alfonso came to work today rockin those SJ's with a black tee and a pair of Guess shoes. Good thing he is married with kids already. Still wish he would loosen up a little.
by carltonjizzle March 13, 2013
When you ditch your friends to hang out with "cooler people"

Camping in CoD black ops
I thought we were hanging out today, wow he's pulling an sj

What a camper! that guy is pulling an sj
by thatguywhoscoolerthansam April 13, 2011