A corrupt body of "elected" representatives of the students. Stands for Middle School Student Council.
I'll go to the SJS MSSC and complain about the cafeteria food.
by MSWhistleBlower December 16, 2010
A fucking badass who rules the world and smokes heavy ganj
Mister sj is savage
by Mikeyrogs September 12, 2021
A feeling of sympathy for al Qaeda that inspires local terrorists to carry out attacks on the U.S., even though there was no previous affiliation between the groups.

When the local terrorist group saw al Qaeda getting pounded on TV, they were overcome with an attack of sudden jihad syndrome (SJS), and decided to strike the nearest soft target.
by Joe Rodolico January 3, 2008
Teddy SJ is quite the character he absolutely reeks of body odor and crap if you walk past him a sensation of Body oder will surround you. Teddy also fucks so often his dick is hanging on by a thread that could snap any minute.
Teddy is also a demon man spreader he will push you away allowing the scent of his severed genitals to spread across the room.
Henry known: have you seen Teddy SJ lumpy today
Nugget: no and i hope i don't he sends a wave of diarrhea across the room
by thenutoriusnignog February 6, 2023
( Verb ) When you put chez on de crackers bu noo it gon mad
Aaaaaaaaaaaa! I Chedseeeee os g sj sjsed!!!
by Cheeses of the Deep March 31, 2022