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The rich guy who proved that money can't buy health—the billionaire died of pancreatic cancer when he was 56 years young.
Steve Jobs could have attained some degree of immortality had he donated part of his wealth to improving the health of millions of people in Africa, say, by providing them with clean water and sufficient food—it looks like Bill Gates will long be remembered after Steve Jobs.
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by MathPlus May 29, 2017
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An obnoxious and selfish college dropout who was rude and mean towards his staff in order to get them to meet his ridiculous deadlines.
Steve Jobs's relatively short life looks like bad karma for publicly shaming and humiliating others, and for willfully uttering four-letter words towards suppliers and journalists—to his critics, he's the "asshole of assholes."
by MathPlus August 09, 2016
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To take an existing product, paint it glossy white, sell it for three times its worth and claim to have invented it.
an iPod is just an MP3 player that's been given a stevejob.
by Brandelf July 18, 2008
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A sexual move, similar to a handjob, on your wallet which leaves you both unsatisfied and broke.
Man, everyone in line at the Apple store for that new iPhone that added 10 pixels for $600 got Steve Jobs.
by SenselessNoise September 06, 2010
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The ritual of taking an apple, and while still in the palm of your hands, shove your arm up your partner's anus all the way up to the shoulders. Once reached as far as the arm can go, release the apple, and pull your hand back out. If done properly, the apple should be securely planted in the partner's stomach.
"Boy, im still full from that steve job Tim gave me yesterday"
"Boy, im still full from that steve job Tim gave me yesterday"
by baggage6040 November 19, 2011
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6 way around it, and he knows it.

Founded Apple by robbing another man who did all the work for him (Wozniak). The only reason he is so popular is because of his ultimate salesman persona, that allowed him to captivate and trick 3% of the general PC using public.

What people fail to realize is that the reason 98% of people use PC's is because most people like the idea of generosity, economic flexibility and freedom. Apple is none of these things, and the single BIGGEST Big-Brother company of all time.

Wozniak is the true genius behind Apple, a good man and a humanitarian, and Jobs robbed him. Wozniak himself was so disgusted with Jobs business policies that he gave his millions to a laid-off Apple employee and quit. He has yet to return, and I know he never will.

Bill Gates gives billions to charity. Linus made his platform free. Steve Jobs acts like he's high and fucking mighty because of his supposed 1$ salary. I CALL BULLSHIT ON THAT ONE.

TL:DR- Jobs is the ultimate self-inguldent douchebag of all time, and it is his policies and his policies alone that make Apple what it is. If you like overpriced technology that does less, bullshit customer service that robs you of buckets of money unfairly and want to be a part of the most elitist cult of all time, you have Steve Jobs to thank.
I don't need an example of Steve Jobs, enough has already been said.
by AboveTheIgnorance May 04, 2011
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An evil bastard and CEO of Apple Computers.

Bill Gates is in the process of giving 85% of his fortunate to charity. Linus Torvalds single-handedly invented Linux, and made it free and open-source. Jobs has done neither of these things.

When Jobs' own company, NeXt, failed miserably, he returned to Apple as CEO. At the time, several other companies were manufacturing MacOS-compatible computers; Jobs revoked their licenses. He also put the kibosh on a project to develop a PC-compatible version of MacOS, the result of both of these actions being that if you want to use MacOS, you have to buy a Mac.
If it wasn't for Steve Jobs, more people would use MacOS because they wouldn't have to spend lots of money on a computer they can't modify and isn't compatible with lots of peripherals.

If I had a Death Note, I would write 'Steve Jobs - death by diarrhoea' in it.
by Darth Ridley April 24, 2008
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