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A term given to those in an online multiplayer game (usually FPS) who will place themselves in a strategic position and wait for an extended period of time until a target enters his field of view. The position usually allows one to surprise the target and allows the "camper" to eliminate him with ease. There are variants of this such as camping an item to repeatedly gain its benefits and defending a critical location.

Camping is a perfectly legitimate strategy, but is criticized by a majority of the online community, usually because players get frustrated by being killed in such a fashion, it slows the game down and is considered an unskilful art. Idiots always resort to insulting a camper, who will most likely have a higher score than them. Incompetent admins sometimes kick them and the camper society becomes one of ridicule and resentment.

It isn’t illegal to position yourself in such a way that you have an advantage, that’s smart thinking and its part of the game. Some people need to grow some balls.
*Random moron runs around like a retard and subsequently becomes a campers prey. Camper makes a kill*


I expect the definition to be voted down, but those of intelligence know who is right.
by Daedalus July 27, 2004
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Found in online multiplayer games. A camper stays in one spot and waits for enemies to walk past him before attacking.
"You're such a lame camper!"
by Patrick O'Neill October 28, 2002
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In first person shooters, a cry of outrage at one who was a successful target of a stationary person, usually a sniper
"You expect a sniper to walk around?"
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
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Any gamer who stands in place for more than 3 seconds, or (God forbid) actually croutches. Doing this in Counter-Strike will have everyone on the server hating your guts.
"OMG camper F4G!!"
"OMG fukng camprs!"
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
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A title given to someone who attempts to protect vital objectives in a game while everyone else goes off to get killed individually because they have no concept of "team."

"I'm guarding the flag, you dumbass. Learn to play."
by the other guy January 18, 2004
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A camper is usually found in any online FPS game, most commonly in Call of Duty 4. Such person will sit in one spot for as long as they can just aiming at a door, window, etc. They will wait for someone to get within sight of them and will easily pick them off. While it is understandable to camp in tactical games or objective games, such as Search and Destroy, in game modes such as Team Deathmatch, it shows that the camper probably doesn't have the skill to go out and move around trying to kill people. Many people look down on campers, even in objective-based games. They believe that it is cheap and that they have no skill in the game. Especially if they have certain guns/perks such as shotgun, juggernaut, etc.
That guy just sits in the same place the entire match waiting for people to go near him. He's such a camper.
by zuawg January 26, 2009
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Any group of people that continue to sit at at a restaurant table well after they have finished and paid for their meal.
I can't turn my tables because they are filled with campers.
by server with a smile January 20, 2009
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