( Verb ) When you put chez on de crackers bu noo it gon mad
Aaaaaaaaaaaa! I Chedseeeee os g sj sjsed!!!
by Cheeses of the Deep March 31, 2022
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A discord and minecraft server full of massive faggots. They make cocks and they are nazis
"Did you hear about the opening of the SJS Server"

"Couldnt care less they are fucking cunts"
by fuuso March 12, 2021
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a thot name. that sounds like she is cute but she is thin as hell!!!
by fgfdsgg November 18, 2019
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curly hair asian guy who is adorable handsome everything that a good boyfriend has is IN him he is cute get a sj but not my sj he is also obsessed with green so just give him grass for his birthday he will love u
rando: omg hes literally the man of my dreams...
rando2: yeah hes such a SJ
by November 7, 2022
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cute asian curly hair guy loves green color is the man of everyones dreams. not gay but he gets a lap dance by guys on a daily basis. he is caring and funny.
random: oh my goddddddd hes literally the cutest man everrr
random2: yeah hes such a sj
by boomboomyoyoyo November 7, 2022
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" tht guy is SJ
by SAV_SJ August 25, 2019
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Someone who thinks they got original ideas, but just take other people’s worl
Shauniel is such an SJ
by supersenior2019 September 27, 2019
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