( Verb ) When you put chez on de crackers bu noo it gon mad
Aaaaaaaaaaaa! I Chedseeeee os g sj sjsed!!!
by Cheeses of the Deep March 31, 2022
Teddy SJ is quite the character he absolutely reeks of body odor and crap if you walk past him a sensation of Body oder will surround you. Teddy also fucks so often his dick is hanging on by a thread that could snap any minute.
Teddy is also a demon man spreader he will push you away allowing the scent of his severed genitals to spread across the room.
Henry known: have you seen Teddy SJ lumpy today
Nugget: no and i hope i don't he sends a wave of diarrhea across the room
by thenutoriusnignog February 6, 2023
A word to define a person who acts like a stupid child.
That guy is such an SJS kid, he keeps acting like a child
by VIETNAME FARMER November 30, 2021