2's a party, 3's a croud.
In your face.
Back off biatch
"quit croudin me yo"
"dis croud is off da hook"
by burnedout July 15, 2008
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An Asian way of saying Cloud Computing, an IT term describing applications or services housed and delivered by a service provider via a network connection. The play on spelling stems from an Asian's inability to pronounce the letter L.
Rumour has it that Asians are developing a method of meshing the power of human minds into a single number-crunching super-power, rivaling some of the largest known super-computers. They hope to one day secure the trademark 'croud computing' for describing this purpose.
Wang Fi: Hoi hoi hoi
Jiang Xu: Wang Fi, why you alrays hap to tork about da croud computing you sirry irriot?
by dim sim brit July 8, 2011
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Term To Discribe a Suicude Boming or Bomber
Middle Eastern Croud Control is a efficient way to disrupt a family event.
by One.Zesty.Lemon March 26, 2020
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Couragous and proud
“Be croud of yourself”
by AJJ123 March 22, 2018
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