A game where you can build houses, decorate them, make people and control them. You can make them homosexual, you can make them kill themselves and you can make them fight.
The Sims has quite a range of expansion packs such as 'House Party', where you can order caterers, buy party outfits and all kinds of party accessories ranging from punch bowls to jacuzzis.
On 'The Sims Unleashed', you can buy pets.
Actually a good game, but it can get boring.
by Glittery Goddess June 9, 2004
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Adjective, describing something obsessively geeky / nerdy / uncool. Relating to a radio station and website started by a PS3 fan, mainly in order to talk about said PS3.
You made tshirts for the Dr Who Christmas special? Isn't that a bit sim and sim?

PS3 geek #1: You stayed up ALL NIGHT playing Call of Duty 4? Instead of sleeping with your girlfriend?
PS3 geek # 2: Yeah, I'm totally sim and sim.

by -cat April 7, 2008
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A "god" game. You create one or more characters, and can choose to start a family. You can build a house and have a job, etc. The goal is to create your version of a "perfect life".

It's fun to start off on, but after a few hours, you get bored and want to quit. After awhile, it's very hard to keep your SIM happy, and it's hard to balance their basic needs.

For example: If your character is too tired, they won't do anything but sleep. Their hunger level goes down and you have to wake them up to get them to eat so they won't die. However, they fall asleep at the table, and leave the stove on. So you have to pick up after them. You forget about the stove and your kitchen catches fire, and you end up having to call the fire department while your Sim either runs around in panic or tries to put out the fire.

Also, if they don't make it to the bathroom in time, they'll go right where they're standing, so you have to pick that up too. If you don't take good enough care of them, ominous music plays and the Grim Reaper comes. You can plead with him, and if you plead enough, he won't kill you. Watch out though, if you choose to die, make sure you're in your yard or something, because a gravestone is left where you die, and you can't ever move it or get rid of it. So don't die in your kitchen or bedroom or some place like that.

All in all, it's like taking care of a bunch of drunks. Sometimes I think the kids on the game are smarter than the adults. They're also easier to care for, since they go to school for most of the day, come home, eat, and then go to bed.

Oh, and another thing. Your character's social level cannot drop too low, or they'll become depressed and lethargic, lying in bed all day or crying every two steps they take. Every other level will drop too.

It's a very finicky game, and you'll end up spending most of your time just trying to keep the levels high enough so your Sim doesn't die.

It is a good game if you want to pass the time though.
My friend and I are going to play Sims all night long.
by Ocean_Potion_Malfunction March 15, 2009
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An alright game, with about several million difficulties in The Sims AI...

Sim 1: ZZzzzzz....

-Alarm goes off-

Sim 1: WTF!? Crap, my alarm. I better go to work. Oh no I have to crap, and I can't go through that doorway into the bathroom because a bookcase is slightly blocking it. OH CRAP!

-pisses on floor-

Sim 1: Oh god, my hands are filthy from pissing! I must wash them!

-Sim 1 glances at clock-

Sim 1: 7:59am? I've got plenty of time! Nothing can stop me from washing my stinkin' hands, and I'm still in my pajamas. I'm also about to die of hunger because I wanted to play goddamn basketball all of yesterday, which is my only day off for the whole week!

-crappy carpool pulls up at driveway, stays for three seconds, and quickly speeds off-

Sim 1: Oh well. I'll be fired from my job which I have worked for about five months, without a single promotion, because I couldn't make any friends due to the fact my
house's front yard is uneven, and I can't build any pathways or even the ground out because I have no money, due to the fact I spent it all to make myself happy with an art easel that he barely ever uses. I'm hungry!

-Sim 1 screams and has fit-

Sim 1: Here is my wife, Bella, strolling around the house reading books and poking at the dead fish in the aquarium that we forgot to feed.

Bella: Sims ajhda dasdhasd hgas hdgas hdg!

-Bella points at her stomach-

Sim 1: Oh god, she's hungry again. And I keep telling you, Bella, stop talking in incoherent mumblings! Use your thought-bubbles and speech-bubbles!!

Bella: -creates thought bubble thinking of a cross over Sim 1-

Sim 1: Much better. Anyway, I hear the Repo Man clearing out our house due to unpaid bills! Better rescue our darling daughter from the attic!

Bella: -creates speech bubble picturing a girl with a cross over her-

Sim 1: Oh, right. She's at Military School because we forgot to set her alarm to wake up at the right time... whoops!

-Repo Man claims piano, fridge, TV, bookcase, dead fish, table, five chairs, couch, wardrobe, double bed, single bed, and then the art easel-

Sim 1: Awww! My art easel that I never use!

Bella: -creates speech bubble with tombstone on it-

Sim 1: What are you talking ab-oh crap.

-Bella keels over onto the floor and the Grim Reaper comes in-

Sim 1: Oh my god! My darling Bella! Please, Grim Reaper sir, please bring her back!

-Grim Reaper motions for Paper Scissors Rock-

Sim 1: Alright.

-Sim 1 loses-

Sim 1: SHIT.

-Grim Reaper goes away, and the body of Bella turns into an ornament-

-cries for eight hours at tombstone-
Oh damn I'm getting hungry. Nevermind, I'm dirty again, somehow. I better go brush my teeth, which is stupid because
I am completely filthy and need a bath, or shower. Ok, my teeth are clean, now since I'm at a mirror, I need to practice my charisma until I pass out...

-hears improvement music in backround after six hours-

Sim 1: YES! I did i..i...t... -passes out-

-Sim 1 falls asleep and wakes up again. Sim 1 calls for pizza-

Sim 1: GSG SDAHGD AJSDG hsgahgdajs hgdkjaH GJHGSAjhg fiASHDAG.


Sim 1: sad sahd.

-Sim 1 hangs up-

Sim 1: I'm still tired. The pizza service will take an hour, I might as well go to bed, and wake up at half past. Even with 30 minutes, I will not make it anyway because it takes me an hour to travel downstairs and take the longest and most drawn out route availible to the front door to grab a pizza which won't appetise me fully at all.

-Sim 1 feels funny-

Sim 1: Erm... I feel... dizzy... -dies-


-You smash computer-

That game sucks. Honestly. Don't buy The Sims.
by Tattaglia December 9, 2006
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An Awesome Video Game Series Where You Pretty Much Look After A Mini You!
You Have To Feed it,Make It GO To The Bathroom and shit like that
Oh Crap My Sim Just Died From A Fire In The Sims
by Seagulls Of Satan August 4, 2008
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An ingenious attempt by Maxis to make money by making so many expansion packs that people somehow cannot resist buying. Has a larger market than any other computer game as it's a game where both hardcore teenage male gamers and normal people can actually relate to.
Buying all of the expansion packs of the game individually would cost hundreds of dollars. Especially for those so impatient that they cannot wait for packs to merge the expansion packs together.
by inquilinekea June 24, 2005
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The best and most addictive computer game known to man.
The sims Hot Date, The Sims House Party.....
by Anonymous October 7, 2003
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