when some one just has it good.
everyone loves them.
they have a really nice life.
good clothes, great house, a good bf/gf, no one bitches at them, no one threatens them or stalks them, they just have it really good...
ahh that chick just has it...perfect boyfriend, great parents & family, no stalkers,...yeah. I WISH MY LIFE WAS LIKE THAT!!
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Someone who has no reason to complain about their life.
I went to school with identical triplets named Allison,McKenna,and Zoey. Almost everyone considered them the most beautiful girls in school. They were cheerleaders. They were very,very well-liked. They all made straight A's and in all A.P. classes. A far as I knew they were rich (my god you should have seen the car the got picked up in) ,and had an amazing family. Those girls always had a smile on their face. So yeah,I guess you could say they had a perfect life. XDD
by ew go away. January 17, 2010
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Sam - Dood, I bet the prom king has a perfect life.
Ron - No, Hes mom died last winter, his dad's a crack head and he has cancer.
by TheClown. August 27, 2009
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Being in love with a disease and the other person getting what you got and still loving you unconditionally.
Boy: Life isn’t fair.
Girl: Life IS fair because it’s not fair to everyone.

Boy: Sounds like a perfect life!
Girl: That’s what we got baby
by Real lyfe 101 August 5, 2020
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William Sidis apparently wrote about wanting “A perfect life.” A life of solitude. Away from the vicissitudes and monotony of normal life. (And thanks to the YouTube girl who brought this to my attention I think the name was ¿Quiblee? I don’t remember) Thomas Sowell once said “People like doing nothing because it’s the only thing you can do perfectly.” You’re exactly right Thomas.
Iam “God, it isn’t even about people using my ideas or that they have this antipathy towards me. I actually like seeing my work and likeness in the media I enjoy and I generally don’t care what people think outside of the theory behind it. But what I want is a perfect life. Which is why “what do you want?’ Isn’t a stupid question. You know that’s not the answer you want. And because it’s not the answer you want you going to refuse to accept it as a valid response. And I know that if I apply that logic to literally anything else I would suffer for it.”

Dr. Doctor Doctor-Doctor (That’s a Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu reference by the way) “ThEn WhY dOn’T yOu WoRk...”

Iam “The same reason you’re withholding what I need to achieve it, Jordan. Because it’s better for everyone but me.”
by Hym Iam December 7, 2022
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