The sound one makes before exploding violently.
Person 1: Dude, you were supposed to cut the red wire, not the blue one.

Person 2: Oh crap.
The word used to express your shock right before you get into a car crash.
by Norma Jean October 19, 2005
What you say the moment you realize you blew it, sometimes even when you didn't screw up beyond. It's always said or thought before an imminent mishap, like falling down the stairs, or breaking something in which case more severe profanity is utilized immediately afterwards. By now you know what I mean. It's also an expression of embarrassment.
"You have toilet paper stuck to your shoe."

"Oh, crap!"
by werallsonsofbitches December 16, 2009
Often found in SUVs. If the driver is going too fast, you will grab for the oh crap strap for stability.

See also oh shit handle.
Jess started accelerating before we got to the bump so I grabbed the oh crap strap and kissed my ass good-bye. We flew through the fucking air at 70 mph!
by renegadeblack June 1, 2009