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Dave: yo wg
Rarib: nothing really, you?
by Spodermun August 05, 2018
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The german abbr. for "apartment-sharing community" (sounds like: "way-gay")

Usually describes a bunch of young humans with little money that share an apartment to save cash.
There are three kinds of "Wohngemeinschaften":

Male only: no one cleans the dishes or anything else. highest riches lie in bottle deposits.

Female only: everything smells like vanilla. everything's clean and decorated in a kitschy way.

Mixed gender: male flatmates are usually gay.
Kommste mit in die WG? Die Atzen zocken Guitar Hero!

Are you coming to the WG? The fellas are playing guitar hero!
by der_finne February 20, 2010
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like if your man is cheating on you and you ask your self "what did i do wrong?" or "What didnโ€™t I do?" thoses are considered having a case of W.G.S
by Moniica November 27, 2006
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WG is the letter definition for white girl.

WG is used as the short form.
Look at that WG...shes is hott like hot cross buns....whattup dubbb!
by HT July 22, 2004
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(Pronounced "vay-gay")

1. A group of people living together, at least some of whom are not related.

2. An apartment or other residence used by the people of a WG in the above sense.
I don't know what this is called in English, so I just say WG vay-gay to my kids when I tell them about my life in Germany. Many other ex-pats in Germany do the same. WG /vay-gay is a common term among us, even when in the States.
by Kim Dammers April 05, 2008
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