Joe: Hey man, let's go to the bar tonight!
John: Sorry bro, I've got an early meeting at work tomorrow. I've gotta get my eight hours.

Sarah: You don't look so good today.
Mary: Yeah, I didn't get my eight hours, now I'm really feelin' it.
by John Perich May 28, 2009
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The name parents and teachers use to describe the condition children, and sometimes teenagers, get when they don’t want to go to school for a day. From the time they wake up to the time they would be getting home, they seem inconsolable and close to death, but as soon as school is over they’re healthy and happy.
S: EHS Front Office
P: Hi, I’m Mrs. Bueller, my son Ferris is a bit under the weather
S: Oh my goodness ma’am, is he okay?
P: I think he’ll be fine. It seem like it’s just a case of the eight hour flu. I’m not too worried.
by Mrtruebluetest October 2, 2020
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