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To Spark A Convo to make a hot, sexy night
Jeff:I Light The Fire everytime I Saw Amanda
by Seagulls Of Satan August 3, 2008
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A Fucking Hilarious Animated Movie Starring Martin Lawrence(Boog) and Ashton Kutcher(Elliot)

Boog, a domesticated grizzley bear with no survival skills, has his perfect world turned upside down when he meets Elliot, a scrawny, fast-talking mule deer. They join forces to unite the woodland creatures and take the forest back into nature's control!
Open Season is Hilariously Witty And Absolutely Entertaining!

- Film Advisory Board
by Seagulls Of Satan July 31, 2008
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A Awesome Starring
Jonah Hill as Seth
Michael Cera as Evan
Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Mclovin
Seth Rogen as ? cop
Bill Hader as ? cop

Seth and Evan want Nothing more than to hook up with the girls they like before heading off to college. To do that, though, they need to get liquor for the big party that night. With the help of their friend Fogell, a.k.a. Mclovin, and his fake I.D., the three of themgo on a chase for that elusive booze, dodging incompetent cops while attempting to reverse a lifelong losing streak in one hilarious night!
Superbad was hillarious
by Seagulls Of Satan August 5, 2008
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A Stupid Idiot Who Thinks He's A Wrestling God But Is Really A Wrestling Fraud!
JBL = Just A Big Loser
by Seagulls Of Satan August 4, 2008
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Wow Look In The Sky!
It's A Bird,
It's A Plane,
No! It's A Plywood Balloon!
by Seagulls Of Satan August 3, 2008
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The Reality Show parody of The Real World,That The Griffins Were on Because Meg Was Embarassed By Her Family So She Went On Diane! and A TV Executive Saw Them.
The Real Life Griffins Fired Meg! WooHoo! YAY!
by Seagulls Of Satan August 4, 2008
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When Pollution Takes ova! and THere's Black Clouds and Acid Rain!
WOW Look At Those Black Clouds
by Seagulls Of Satan August 3, 2008
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