A person who is generally an asswhole and/or white trash. They like to fight everyone, even though they have no real fighting technique, and they win by a mere adrenaline rush. These people referred to as shutes typically enjoy 24/7 marijuana intake, and drinking lots of booz. They also identify themselves as bamfs (bad ass mother fucker) though they are definitely just white trash, and refuse to believe it.
Kevin: that kid totally went shute on that niggaa

ryan: yeah it was ridiculous he totally went crazy man
by bad_as_fuck_triiick December 18, 2011
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a particularly stinky vagina that you get a whiff of when the occupant of the reeker walks past, it tends to remind the smeller of slippery salmon making their way downsteam to the mating grounds via a salmon shute.
pwhoar did you smell her slippery salmon shute
by felixg123 March 11, 2010
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A shute that shoots poo, more commonly known as the anus.
Seriously Sabrina, your poo shute is showing in this photograph!
by fuckinqueenslander June 13, 2008
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For a lady to place her bottom on a pillow with her knee's drawn up to her chest after a bit of "hows your father".
Me and the wife are trying for a baby at the moment.

Lastnight after I had tipped my concrete I told her to "tilt the shute" for maximum effect.
by Supercan_1 March 6, 2009
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A sugar shute is a sexy girls butt
Hey bro, look across the street! damn are those some nice Sugar Shutes
by babekins March 13, 2010
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