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A nation with a tortured history in the heart of Europe where governmental support of the arts and artists is a given. Germany's closest friend and ally is France (whose armies, under Napoleon, raped and pillaged their way across the Rhine between 1805 and 1806). Traditionally both a Roman Catholic and a Lutheran country, depending on the region, Germany now has the fastest-growing Jewish population in the world. The Austrians are ethnic Germans (Austria was historically the most powerful German state until its defeat by Prussia in 1866); the Swiss are not.
If you give a "thumbs-down" to this entry on Germany, then you are woefully uninformed.
by Victor Felix July 01, 2006

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Massachusetts town for which Nabisco® 's classic fruit-filled cookie is named. The Fig Newton® celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1991; Nabisco® built a giant oven especially for the occasion to bake the world's largest cookie, over one city block long. Considering that Newton is a very Jewish burg, it does seem rather whacked that any corporation would build a giant oven there.

The Fig Newton® was almost named the "Fig Brockton," after another Boston suburb.
Newton, like neighboring Brookline, is a town full of over-cautious drivers who delight in sitting at red lights.
by Victor Felix November 22, 2005

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A perjorative term for someone so ugly, so exceedingly unattractive. that he or she is as "ugly as a butt" (a misnomer, since many buttocks are beautiful indeed). A popular teen-age slang term since the 80s, "butt-ugly" most probably began as military slang c. World War II. Probably because enlisted men found nothing attractive about another enlisted man's hairy, sweaty, very possibly pimpled butt!
That dude is so butt-ugly that just the sight of him makes me wanna puke!
by Victor Felix August 21, 2005

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The anus of a male homosexual - a bottom - in the context of sexual penetration.

The term can also be used disparagingly to describe a gay male in the same way that the word "cunt" can be used disparagingly to describe a female of any orientation.
The man-cunt of the luscious young he-whore was much in demand, as many longed to probe his hole.
by Victor Felix August 12, 2005

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A euphemism with sexual connotations for a gay or bi man's anus and rectum. Synonymous with man-cunt.
Tony was so ached for his man-hole to be probed by penis or finger or tongue — didn't matter which one — that he settled for a fleshy Fenway Frank ® hot-dog until a real wiener came along.
by Victor Felix September 15, 2005

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Short for Massachusetts College of Art, the second-oldest art school in America (after RISD, or Rhode Island School of Design). Founded in 1873, MassArt is one of the most highly-rated art colleges in the country, and Boston's leading institution of arts-based higher learning. It is also the only publicly-funded art school in America, though sadly that will probably change; out-of-state tuition is already prohibitive.
The famous photographer William Wegman, known to millions for his arty and witty portraits of dogs, was a graduate of MassArt. But he didn't receive much recognition while a student at the famously formal institution.
by Victor Felix November 10, 2005

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diarrhea; especially, the gelatinous, meaty-smelling variety.
He sat on his toilet, spewing out one fetid-smelling serving of buttgravy after another.
by Victor Felix August 12, 2005

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