28 definitions by Victor Felix

A euphemism for analingus involving the anus of a young gay male who's man-hole is seen as especially sweet, pink and tasty.
When Tony spread open the cheeks of his smooth, sublime buttocks, Mike had a definite jones for an anal treat.
by Victor Felix September 15, 2005
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The anus of a male homosexual - a bottom - in the context of sexual penetration.

The term can also be used disparagingly to describe a gay male in the same way that the word "cunt" can be used disparagingly to describe a female of any orientation.
The man-cunt of the luscious young he-whore was much in demand, as many longed to probe his hole.
by Victor Felix August 12, 2005
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A euphemism with sexual connotations for a gay or bi man's anus and rectum. Synonymous with man-cunt.
Tony was so ached for his man-hole to be probed by penis or finger or tongue — didn't matter which one — that he settled for a fleshy Fenway Frank ® hot-dog until a real wiener came along.
by Victor Felix September 15, 2005
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Short for Massachusetts College of Art, the second-oldest art school in America (after RISD, or Rhode Island School of Design). Founded in 1873, MassArt is one of the most highly-rated art colleges in the country, and Boston's leading institution of arts-based higher learning. It is also the only publicly-funded art school in America, though sadly that will probably change; out-of-state tuition is already prohibitive.
The famous photographer William Wegman, known to millions for his arty and witty portraits of dogs, was a graduate of MassArt. But he didn't receive much recognition while a student at the famously formal institution.
by Victor Felix November 10, 2005
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The thinning hair atop a balding man's head that you can see right through.
In the last seasons of his classic sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld's air hair became quite noticeable. So was Nicholas Cage's - before he really went bald and had to wear a piece in his films.

(This term was first coined by Mark Hänser of Boston, MA)
by Victor Felix August 10, 2005
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A form of visual odor involving someone who looks as if his or her breath always reeks of stale coffee.
Wide-mouthed sitcom star Valerie Harper has always looked like she's got perpetual coffee-breath.
by Victor Felix September 15, 2005
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