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A word used to describe the Police (UK) or a nob. both inevitably are the same thing.
Kris: what do you think he'd do if i got my old bill out and slapped it down on the table.

Kris: i got fackin chased by the old bill the other day, i only went and charlie sprinted into a police van.
by felixg123 February 19, 2010
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The best looking girl visible on the bus that you stare at when taking a journey. Even though she is not necissarily that attractive and just something to look at, you still think about ragging her silly.
'How was your journey over?'

'Pretty shite, atleast there was decent bus cunt.'
by Felixg123 September 21, 2009
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A Gandalf is the act of an old man tickling someones balls with his long old grey beard.
'My balls are itching'

'why don't you go and ask that old todger over there to give you a Gandalf'
by Felixg123 September 26, 2009
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a particularly stinky vagina that you get a whiff of when the occupant of the reeker walks past, it tends to remind the smeller of slippery salmon making their way downsteam to the mating grounds via a salmon shute.
pwhoar did you smell her slippery salmon shute
by felixg123 March 11, 2010
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An insult similar to suck me off but with decorative variation and added humour that makes it sound better.
P1: mate you couldn't score in a brothel
P2: shutup you gay
P1: smoke me off
by felixg123 January 11, 2011
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a Pokelet is a commonly used phrase when referring to holes created in pocketless shorts. It is also sometimes used to describe intercourse with somebody in an unidentified crevise. 'i poked her in her clammy pokelet'
'ahh these stupid shorts have no pockets for my phone, im going to have to make some pokelets'

'i porked her in a clammy pokelet'
by felixg123 March 11, 2010
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