The same as darling, baby, bae, said to a significant other or people in general to show affection.
How are you, sugar? I’ve missed you.
Hey, sugar. Long time, no see.
by GlaiGlai July 18, 2019
A usually white substance that looks like salt but can be easily differed from due to it's sweet taste. this gives a quick burst of energy & usually makes kids hyper due to their small capacity for sugar. it's usually on candies & drinks.
Yun: i want Sugar now!
Yin:you sure bro? you're only 7 and just a small amount can make you hyperactive!
Yun: you be quiet silly goose ill get it myself!
by a wild bandaid May 7, 2017
What your mum says instead of saying sh!t
I think I lost my phone, mum
by SlangForDays August 19, 2020
That stuff your old, southern grandma asks you to give her when you come to visit.
Come or' heernt and give your grandma some sugar.
by Michael Hodge April 12, 2005
Tiny ninja miners, which hide in food, to mine your teeth to use in weapons.
Sugar-- 40g means 40 ninjas, all the better to mine with
by Toasting May 21, 2013
1.Kind of a short kiss on the cheek between female friends.

2.Sweetie and cute kiss between boyfriend and girlfriend that expresses sincerely love.
George: Babe, let me give ya a sugar !!!

I like Samy´s sugar too much.
by Nebuchanedaser April 2, 2009
"Holy crap, I got sick by eating too much sugar"
"You're a dumbass then"
by SpottedTheBean December 22, 2017