When you magically pull something off, typically in gaming, that shouldn’t have happened; as if you were in a Disney show.
Mark: Whoever won last time got a Mickey. That’s all I’m gonna say.
by Mr.YumYum December 13, 2021
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A Mickey is a strong, reliable, selfless, sweet and loving person who knows a lot of people but is close with very few. Mickeys are a blast to hang around, but take it too far once in a while. Although they can be crazy, they are also crazy sweet, and are always there for their friends if they need to be, regardless of what they're going through or how it would affect them. Mickeys tend to be kinda tall, slender and attractive. A Mickey is a precious baby and the cootest doot. While they may say they don't need someone when they're upset, they always appreciate support and are always there to return the kindness. Mickeys make the best friends and are amazing at photography and art. I love Mickeys. ♡♡
Man, I wish I was strong like a Mickey.
by ♡Minnie♡ May 9, 2017
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A 375 milliliter bottle of hard liquor, usually 80 proof or higher. Famous consumers of mickeys include Pino Bgold,and other members of the Gooners.
"Man, that mickey sure did the trick last night"

"Never again will I ever underestimate the untamed power of a mickey"
by nibiru2012 April 24, 2009
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A smart, but not average Man. Very Hot and smooth, clean cut looking. And usually has a huge nice cock.
Girl 1: I had sex with Mickey last night
Girl 2: Did he have a big dick??
Girl 1: Of course he's Mickey
by Mary Heartman May 21, 2009
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A GIRL can either act or be mickey basically if she is a bitch
Ex) Guy1-Ay you still talk to Amber?
Guy2-Yea,but lately she been actin mickey

Ex)Guy1-Hey man do you know that girl over there?..
Guy2-Oh yea don't fuck with her that bitch is so fuckin mickey
by Tha dude 205 October 31, 2011
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Mickey. Mickey is a very caring strong girl and she has a great voice and it’s very rare for her to sing in front of you but if she is your ears has been blessed. Mickey is hella thick like ouuuu but she is also hella fine. Whoever gets to be with Mickey never let her go yea she can be stubborn but who isn’t she is so sweet and caring and not afraid to share her opinion. She always puts her friends before herself and even tho she has gone threw a lot she is still there with you smiling and luaghing never let Mickey go!!!!
Guy #1 Who’s that she’s hella fine

Guy #2 That’s Mickey don’t mess with her or you will be a goner

by Hails_ly September 8, 2019
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This crazy girl who goes out for everything and has huge balls. Loves her friends and can be crazy at times. Known for her high soprano voice and has plenty of haters. Loves music in every form but techno and is totally random. Will go to the ends of the earth for those she loves.
Yo, did you see Mickey at the Seussical auditions? That bitch can sing!
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