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Shuffleboarding is an advanced sex act that involves one woman, two men, and a large room with a smooth floor.

Before shuffleboarding can take place, all parties must remove their clothes and the woman must be completely lubricated. In this case, lubrication is necessary not only in the woman's vagina, but over her entire body.

Once this is done, the two men take their places at the opposite sides of the room and the woman lays on her back infront of one of them. The man standing over her takes his foot and penetrates her with it, so much so that he has the leverage to slide her across the room to the opposing side. The other man then spins the woman around and does the same. This continues until the woman has an orgasm.

Note: Shuffleboarding may be adapted for teams of two men on each side.
Hello Timmy, this is Amanda, she's the woman that we will be shuffleboarding tonight.
by Awayman September 04, 2006
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Another term for “finger painting,” “Choking the chicken.” Or to be blunt, masturbating.
Greg: Opal, hurry up we have to go to Will’s party soon!

Opal: Okay, I just need to finish shuffleboarding!
by m a m a October 08, 2017
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