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A regular person. Often but not necessarily with a slightly negative connotation. Etymologically related to "Average Joe" and "Schmo" a Yiddish word for idiot.
I'm scared as hell of becoming some Joe Schmo, watching football, drinking beer that my fat wife brings me, and blaming my farts on my dog.
by scott trowbridge June 09, 2006

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The act of hitting someone with a penis.
Girl: I think it is degrading to give someone a flappy.
by scott trowbridge June 09, 2006

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Someone you knew growing up. In other words, everyone knew someone named Ray Ray when they were a kid. If you did not ask your old friends if they remember "Ray Ray" and then will probably tell you it was "so and so's little brother"
Ray Ray! are you gonna past that shit or what!?
by scott trowbridge June 09, 2006

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adv. - something done partially, incompletely, or unenthusiastically. The adverb form of half assed.
I told you to clean your room thoroughly, meaning not half assedly.
by scott trowbridge June 08, 2006

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9 times out of 10 a misleading statement indicating that someone lives in Maryland or Virgina NEAR Washington, DC People say this to get street cred.
Person1: Yeah, I live in DC.
Person2: Which quad?
person1: Oh, well . . I really live in Alexandria.
Person2: I live in North East, so I guess I can kick your ass.
Person1: Yeah, I guess so.
by Scott Trowbridge July 08, 2006

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gaming: An alternative character, as opposed to one main character you play in a game. Many online games allow the user to make multiple characters. People that make alts to an extreme are said to be altoholics.
XxLord Dark Evil BlacknessxX: Hey, any1 got a healer? we rly culd youz a healr on this mish.
Mistress Dark Blood Necro Fairy: Ya, i kan log onto 1 of mai alts, brb.
by Scott Trowbridge August 06, 2008

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a conservative euphemism for sex toys, see also marital device.

Republican Husband: Honey could we have intercourse please?
Republican Wife: Well dear . . . I'm not aroused, but if we got out the marital aid I could be.
by scott trowbridge July 08, 2006

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