an old word that basically means fantastic, generally used by old people or hipsters to try to sound hip.
Clark: I think it's just swell!
Lois: Swell? You know, Clark, there are very few people left in the world these days who sound comfortable saying that word.
Clark Kent: What?
Lois Lane: "Swell".
Clark Kent: Really? It just sort of comes naturally to me.
by supmy December 16, 2011
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a word used to make one's self sound corny yet in a delightful and jolly way; can also be used to create heavy sarcasm through an optimistic sounding word
Jennie: hey, how's your ten page paper comin along?

Nick: oh, just...swell!

Jennie: you didnt start it did you?

by mariadabombp January 28, 2010
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From ye olde English, "'Tis well." Very popular in chatty movies of the 1930s, began to be used sarcastically in the '40s. Nowadays, totally passe (French for "over with.")
by Gedaliah August 21, 2006
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there's some nice swells off of bells beach today!
by elle wave January 11, 2005
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What to say after you work out, getting your swell on, making muscles bigger...
by joeblowwoah March 4, 2009
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What happens to a guy's phallus when he thinks dirty thoughts.
The images flashing through my mind made my member swell.
by ;,;sillyrabbit;,; October 21, 2005
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1. Its all good
2. like when the waves get big
My gym teacher says he made up the word swell, but he is a liar.
by Tim Z. March 11, 2008
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