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Often used on IM sites,it means to be inactive
Yahoo said Bob had been idle for 10min and 46sec.
by Chrizzy March 14, 2006
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Verb Comparison to a stationary car.

A member of the opposite sex, who keeps one in suspense about his/her feelings towards them. Either performed in a casual or sexual manor, which, essentially makes one feel like they actually have a chance.
Example 1: "She is so idle towards him."
Example 2: "Stop idling him if you don't even like him!"
by MJHC March 01, 2010
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The natural groove struck by a concert-goer when a witnessing live performance. It can be thought of as their noise floor for excitement reflected in their motion. Each person's idle is unique and while perhaps imitable, is not truly reproducible by any other person. It can be used as a verb (idling) or as noun (his or her idle). The idle spectrum encompasses all types of grooves; from the frantic hula girl to the middle aged man entrenched in the front row with ear plugs nodding to the beat.

The term gets its roots from the cars engine which also idles when waiting at a red light.
Check out that guys idle...
by SleeplessInSyracuse February 05, 2015
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Its what happens to a person after they smoke mad fya, see inactive lazy unemployed dead
Jake smoke so much weed that he died ugh-ugha, idle!!
by runner* August 28, 2004
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