An official beer pong match. Used mainly in high schools to avoid negative confrontations for admisistrators.
by DWEEZY354324 August 16, 2009
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Once upon a time white people played a game called shuffle board at racially segregated country clubs. When most country clubs became desegregated, the white people stopped playing the game because it was too embarrassing for anyone outside their imagined aristocracy to know about.
Hubert: Mildred would you like to play some shuffleboard.
Mildred: That would be swell Hubert.
by scott trowbridge June 09, 2006
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Shuffleboarding is an advanced sex act that involves one woman, two men, and a large room with a smooth floor.

Before shuffleboarding can take place, all parties must remove their clothes and the woman must be completely lubricated. In this case, lubrication is necessary not only in the woman's vagina, but over her entire body.

Once this is done, the two men take their places at the opposite sides of the room and the woman lays on her back infront of one of them. The man standing over her takes his foot and penetrates her with it, so much so that he has the leverage to slide her across the room to the opposing side. The other man then spins the woman around and does the same. This continues until the woman has an orgasm.

Note: Shuffleboarding may be adapted for teams of two men on each side.
Hello Timmy, this is Amanda, she's the woman that we will be shuffleboarding tonight.
by Awayman September 04, 2006
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The act of one sexual partner bending over on one side of a room, and the other one (who has an erection) runs at them full speed, aiming for the butthole.
Last night, me and Jim played some good ol' Scandinavian Shuffleboard.
by Braxxin April 13, 2011
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a humiliation technique of epic proportions made famous by Terrance McCullaugh. It involves one or more of the following:
1. A shuffleboard cue / stick
2. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicking a datacenter
3. A can of grease

It can be interpreted as an act of sexual dominance, a physical thrashing, or the fact that someone old enough to play shuffleboard could actually fight pretty well; hence the shock.
You should really respect your elders. Quit playing games or I will come down there and do the shuffleboard shocker on your ass.
by S_ May 28, 2008
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when 2 men both cum on a girls back and the one that cum's the furthest wins. ass to pussy is 1 point, pussy to tits 2 points, tits to mouth 3 points, and mouth to top of head 4 points. any thing else is no points.
"Wayne and i dusseldorf shuffleboarded stacy last night, that motherfucker beat me by like 2 points! after like 4 rounds!"
by lostinconformiti December 01, 2012
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1. to have no plans; idle
2. an illusory plan
3. a daily plan for the unemployed
"What are your plans for today?" the father asked his unemployed daughter.
"I thought I would play shuffleboard on the promenade, followed by skeet shooting on the lido deck," she answered sarcastically as she sat in her bathrobe surfing the net.
by sgjd2010 January 10, 2011
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