What Chuck Norris does to your face before you die.

"The last thing the guy saw before he died was Chuck Norris' foot inflicting a roundhouse kick to his face."
by TDiggy December 23, 2005
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1. In boxing/martial arts: any knee, elbow, forearm, foot, or hand/fist technique that connects from a relatively circular arc. The hidden "power" of the techniques is typically the hip rotation. Some styles emphasize more snap of the knee than others, but the hips generate the most stopping power from a physics equation alone. In this acceleration of rotary momentum, the technique is said to have it's greatest strength. Other joints may assist in the rotation from style to style, but generally don't due to telegraphing the technique. There are some techniques with a reverse principle in mind; even named as such (ei reverse-roundhouse kick, and otherwise known as hook kick).

2. In video games (commonly fighting game genre), the strongest of the character's kicks. (weak kick, strong kick, ROUNDHOUSE kick -- from a six-button mindset).

3. A house (residential building) without any corners.
1. The Muay Thai match was won by a roundhouse elbow to the opponent's temple.

2. The Sagat player beat the Ryu player with a roundhouse kick (third button kick).

3. You could say that Shelby lives in a roundhouse. Why? Because it's a cylinder-lighthouse.
by Berginnator August 15, 2006
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A punch (or sometimes kick) where the individual swings his fist across their side to build momentum. Usually used by those who don't know shit about fistfighting, or when an opponent is being held by another. Very easily dodged.
That numbnuts came at my with his fist cocked back, and tried to roundhouse me. I straigh-armed him in the throat before he could even swing.
by BeanSpleen February 3, 2005
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one possesing unibrow and stunning, gremlin like looks.
ugh, that roundhouse needs to pluck
by me January 2, 2004
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A drinking game that takes place the morning after a night of hard partying. Players go around and collect all of the unfinished beers from the night before, and then proceed to pour them into their own large glass. Then, all of the players get together and chug the flat, putrid, piss flavored concoction as fast as possible.
Wake up boys, we’re playing Roundhouse!” said Chad.

“Fuck you man.” Brett replied.
by Chick-with-Dicks.com June 22, 2021
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Roundhouser is a popular term for a devoted fan of heavy metal music. Roundhousers have created a strongly masculine “exclusionary youth community” whose core audience in North America and Europe are white and male.

Roundhousers regularly sport mullets or long, unkempt hair. Their wardrobe is comprised of skin tight blue jeans, hi-top sneakers and black or white t-shirts, worn with a sleeveless vest of denim or leather, emblazoned with patches and button from various heavy metal bands (most commonly Metallica or Slayer).

Roundhousers are indigenous to the urban strip mall where they can be spotted repeatedly practicing their "round house" kicks for each other whilst enjoying a Mountain Dew soft drink and a cigarette.
One summer, Ryan and Triton were driving to the local strip mall when they encountered a few mulleted variety store patrons practicing round house kicks, between drags from their Putters cigarettes and sips from their Mountain Dew. Ryan exclaimed to Triton, as they drove nearer, "Dude! Check out these f***ing Roundhousers over here!"
by Demetrix March 26, 2011
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Roundhouse is a word created by in Eden Prairie which is the act of getting many males to circle around a female who then gives them head in order, therefore creating a roundhouse. This can also mean anything sexual.
Hey man last night me and my buds circled this girl up, she gave the best roundhouse ever.

Hey hows your girlfriend?
Shes pretty good she gives some good roundhouse.
by Sammy69 October 9, 2009
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