People who think they are better than everyone else and are extremely white, not in color but more of there actions, usually jocks and preppy kids, also most of them are aig(academically, intelligently, gifted, even though it basically means people who study a lot), they like to dab, doing the whip and nae nae even though its so out of date, about 99.99% of “the white people” are heteros
They absolutely do not accept the lgbtq community
(Preferably gay) boy: uh, are they dabbing, see heather, those are the white people
by Thicky vicky December 4, 2017
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People who clap when a plane lands
"They are such white people"
by Knee-Lover August 12, 2018
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People that are white.
White people are lighter than black people.
by epicman12345 November 21, 2018
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going out to do stunts only crazy people would think of doing, especially stunts you've seen in the movies, like hoping skyscraper to skyscraper, or hanging on a cliff that could lead to possible deaths
Tim went white peopling last night before getting a concussion on the head from doing flips on the edge of a high building.
by amori March 10, 2017
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There are two common usages of that term.
1. Noticing someone / some people simply have white coloured skin.
2. People that are weird in a typical way for white people. When a white man / woman behaves like other white people, most often doing something cringe, we can call them white man / woman. It doesn't mean that their culture, look etc. are treated like it's cringe or weird. That term is used certainly by black people. In my opinion it's not racist, because same goes with term of "black people" or "asian people". Sometimes that definition is used in racist way like: "Actually only white would fall if they were punched.", it's racist because other race people colud also fall after a punch.
~written by a white guy btw.
1. Hey look, there are some white people passing by.

2.1. (white guy): Oh god, give me some milk

2.1. (black guy): Bro it's not even spicy, you're a white guy.

2.2. (white guy 1): How the hell are they jumping so high?
2.2. (white guy 2): Sick, they are some black people.
by capri sun addict March 26, 2023
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A word that is impossible to define on Urban Dictionary without getting hundreds or thousands of dislikes.
Person: Defines "White People"
Definition proceeds to get twice as many dislikes as likes
by - The Cold Hard Truth - February 27, 2022
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I dont know why but has become a synonym for stereotypical americans. Bro, europeans are also white and didnt vote for trump or do school shootings
Dude 1: I hate white people like you 'cause you voted for trump

Dude 2: Bro, im german i cant even vote in the united states
by GimmeANamePls May 12, 2018
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