Derivative of "another" usually used when someone says "that's a whole nother issue" or something along those lines. The correct way to say it is "a whole other issue". "Another" translates to "an other", but people mistakenly believe it translates to "a nother". When you put a word like "whole" in-between "an other" the "an" changes to an "a" because "whole" starts with a consonant instead of a vowel.
by allthehoopla December 15, 2007
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An accidental word that comes out when your tongue is unsure if it wants 'other' or 'another'
by snarkey June 12, 2004
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additional, extra, supplemental
Kara is very happy, because she won't have to take a whole nother semester of geology and because she loves Cody.
by K-Fur December 2, 2008
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A combination of no + other. Not to be confused with 'nother, a short form of another.
Pete: Yo check out that fly honey.

Jeremy: Ya man she is like nother.

by p-tr|ck January 25, 2009
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A texan bastardization of "another". Used in context with "a whole..." when "other" would sound dumb.
1337 f0015 speak a whole nother language. Move 'zig'.
by Operator July 2, 2004
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when you have the perfect thing to
say, when its just too late.
...then i came up with the perfect nother, but he was gone
by isochrona August 28, 2003
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The jamacian word for another
Wow, man you got nother one!
by lawlorff April 10, 2015
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