Sweetest guy around. Edward is an Old English name given to those who are very lucky. It is comes from Old English words 'ead' meaning 'happy' or 'prosperous' and 'weard' meaning 'guard'. Those named after Eddie often have a large penis and a love for sex. Eddie's are extremely nice guys, are incredibly attractive for not only physical appearance but also their great sense of humour, they thrive on making others laugh and are very intelligent however having such a laid back attitude is their down fall. Eddie's worst trait is letting jealously getting the better of him, if something's his, he doesn't want to share. Sometimes protective and Eddie is the perfect guy every girl wants to date for his amazing personality, good looks and charm, he'll treat a girl nice and falls for those who have an insane sense of humour. He likes to please he girl in every way, you couldn't find a better guy to date. Surrounded by friends, an Eddie is a one in a million.
1# Who's he? He's hot?

2# It's Eddie.

-Every girl needs an Eddie in her life.
by abcdefg13 July 5, 2011
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Eddie is a great friend, and probably the most shy out of all. But once you get to really know Eddie, he lights up the world, he is not fake, he knows when you are down. If you have a friend who is a Eddie, you got your life in great hands. An Eddie isn’t a fake friend and knows how to solve problems. He is very smart, and he likes to play video games, maybe such as “Call Of Duty’’ or “Overwatch”. If you don’t have a Eddie your missing a piece to your life’s puzzle. The universe wants you to get a friend who is named Eddie!
“Eddie is an amazing gamer and a friend”
“He beated me in Overwatch!”
by GirlWhoBlogs56 July 6, 2018
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A big boy who fights for what he believes in. He's got heart and soul which makes him a very determined person. He's got high resilience and doesn't give an F about about people out there think about him. In the outside, he looks like a tough guy who may have been through some shit before or recently. However, in the inside, he's a dude who really cares for you and will go the extra mile for you no matter the situation. He will put up a good fight when it comes down to it and won't back down until he wins or excels in whatever goal he is aiming for. He can also pick up a girl or two with ease and makes every one of his friends jealous because of it. Truly an inspiration to many, including myself. I love you bro.
"Yo Eddie beat the crap out of my high school bully yesterday"
"But why tho?"
"Cuz he's the shit you Nigerian baby"
by Migu3lele November 20, 2018
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A term used for cannabis edibles.
Yo Chris!, let's go to the dispensary to get some eddies before we hit Disneyland.
by Fuch naut July 30, 2021
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Short for Edison, although he hates being called that. The most handsome guy inside and out. He'll talk to for hours about the silliest things. He's had a rough past, but he's the most inspirational person you'll meet. Eddies are sweet and caring but also have a temper, so don't get on their bad side. Basically every girl (and guy)'s dream. Eddies don't see how amazing they are so you'll have to always remind him how handsome, loving, caring, sweet, funny, and wonderful he is.
Person 1: Eddie got arrested today!
Person 2: For what?
Person 1: Punching a cop in the face.
by the_greatest_gal_alive December 26, 2012
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comes from the word Edward, Eduardo, Edwardo, Edwin. But there are the lucky few who only have the name Eddie. Usually referred to as a guys name. Eddie's are usually very nice, pretty attractive, love sex, love making people laugh, very smart and usually strive for the hardest things in life. They are the perfect guys to date and have an insane amount of friends.

Becky: OMG guess who I went on a date with last night!!
Sue: Who?!?!?
Becky: Eddie!!
by Sereena December 28, 2007
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A nickname for the name Edison
A guy who's great all around. Hes super sweet and funny and caring and spectacular and attractive. He's not one to have a temper; he's very patient.

He does tend to think dirty a lot. he'll make dirty jokes or try to pull a sexual move on you. but hes an understanding person, so if you speak your mind he will listen.

He struggles opening up to people, but he will overtime.
a lot of the time he's some one you can trust completely, but its hard for him to trust others. so if he trusts you; that's a huge deal, don't let him regret it.
Julie: guess who i ship Francie with?
Diana: WHO?
Julie: Eddie.
Diana: YES! oh my gosh. they would be great together.
Julie: we should hook them up
by Ana Hopson January 26, 2013
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