to not feel.
"This numbness is never ending."
by Inarin October 16, 2017
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A person who acts in an exceptionally simple manner. One who is very childish. Stupid.
Stop doing that, you freakin' numb numb!
by SeeGee October 7, 2013
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the feeling of feeling no feeling.
im jus so numb
by mandy v October 3, 2018
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...I’m just numb and I don’t known what to do anymore. It hurts so bad
by Unidentify June 15, 2019
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1. Not able to feel.
2. What alchohol and drugs do to you to prevent pain.
Since I drank so much alchohol that night, I ran into a truck and didn't feel a thing!
by gwiinlgleirn May 22, 2005
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The feeling of no feeling at all, if left to long may be taken over by undefined feelings that cant be controlled.

my numbness turned into a want to kill.

(consult doctor at this time)
by Free-From-Fate April 19, 2009
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Loss of felling due to emotional stress.
I'm so numb. Another dishonest person to thief my faith and trust. He walked away and blamed all it all on me with the famous "You Did...." argument.

I'm so numb and have no fight left.

I do not want to be numb any more I love you so much and wished I had kissed you that night.

Everyone knows that I love a man from my past. He has never laid a hand to me and I always end up showing the courtesy and love I want to give to him every night for the rest of my life to the wrong person.

I'm no numb when he said he wanted to not come home again.

Just another numb mind with the knife to my soul.

I wouldn't even feel the sting.

Their all so fulled with vengance and pride.

Just another slap in the face from a mind numbing man that has put no effort into bettering a persons life but leaving her in the shame of knowing he was never really in love with her and left it all today. Alone again I'm so numb from feeling the pain.

I have to be numb of the knowing to get my children threw another day with smiles and a kiss so they never see the pain I live.
by K1,2,3,4,HaveYrLaughHeleft January 25, 2010
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