Work time that one logs where one hopes to accomplish quite a bit of "work," but spends most of that time sitting in a chair.
I would like to go to lunch with you guys, but I'm really busy. I've been putting in a lot of ass time lately.
by Cap'n Tony September 12, 2005
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An amount of time so great that it is no longer measurable by units of time and is instead measured by units of assness.
I've been sitting in this traffic jam for a long ass time.
by 28MONEYCASHMONEY87 October 1, 2013
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Someone spending far more time on a task than is needed by a typical person. One who takes his/her "sweet ass time" takes far longer than he/she needs to.
Stop taking your sweet ass time getting your homework done. Stop taking your sweet ass time cleaning up the kitchen. I'd love to pick my car up from the mechanic, but they are taking their sweet ass time making the repairs.
by Samo-Defino June 14, 2012
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Taking a really long time to do something, like tossing a salad of someone that's nervous or virginal.
by TwitchBOOM July 19, 2018
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To express discontent with events either in the past or present.

'Ass the times'... that were
'Ass the times'... that are
1. I fucking hate myself for losing my best friend years ago! Ass the times!
2. I lost an awesome eBay auction today. Ass the times.
by volcanobakemeat November 11, 2011
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When you eat ass and then eat pizzas with your homies at
"Oh boy, that Ass pizza time yesterday was amazing !"
by cake eater at 4:20 January 24, 2020
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