Dissing someone, or making jokes at someone.
Shootin ex:

Ather: "u fckin feed da children lookin ass, planet of the apes nigga."
by Glenn_Quagmire December 5, 2006
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to make fun of or take shots at someone with jokes
dat nigga shootin he gonna make fun of me watch imma start shootin on his momma.
by M.LO August 16, 2006
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Normally said when people are starting to get into a scuffle and/or fight . It can also be said when someone throws something , there is a loud noise ( which should be accompanied by ducking ) and in the most extreme case , literally.

1.Ishmael head a huge bang from the back fo the room. He screamed " They shootin' " and ducked under his desk.

2. " They shootin" Said Steve looking at the two girls fighting in the front of the room.
by Philadel Ervinmeans September 23, 2008
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When you've eaten too much salad, or other fiber source, and the second your butt hits the toilet seat feces shoots out at high velocity.
Neil: Hey man, you coming, we're gonna be late for that statistical overview meeting!

Bob: Naw, dude, I'm gonna be salad shootin' for a few more hours. NEVER eat Mexican yogurt!!!
by BADxKARMA April 4, 2013
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Is when someone is using criticism to take shots at another person.
attacking others with really disrespectful remarks.
Person : These haters been

“Shootin-Flak” at other people all year long.

BY: GiovanniDYMillyentei
by MillYentei DYSlick August 30, 2020
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1.) Ejaculating. 2.) Ejaculating semen in someone's particular direction.
Jenn: Damn yo, u got all that jizz on ur tits

Starr: ya my boyfriend was fuckin shootin sillys, again

Jenn: Dat mother fuckaa!!
by DonkeyDildos March 28, 2013
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