Tory: Damn, he so fine. I want him so bad.
Armen: Get that dick!!
by jeets November 2, 2008
To get the dick is to be belittled or shamed by another

Telling somebody to Get the Dick is to imply your superiority
to them and imply that they are insignificant or less than you at a given task
1. "How'd that game of pool go"
"I got the dick"

2."wanna play mortal kombat"
"sure you can get the dick"
by LScrazyD March 13, 2013
it is another term for having sex for a male. in other words its when your pentatrate your twat-sickle in the vagina and then it is wet
matt was at kelly's house getting the dick wet and having a good time
by n8ball April 11, 2006
To receive bad payment for a job that sucks.
A lot of teens and young adults get paid dick to be abused by people like Bob all day.
by gRis>> September 12, 2009
slang term used to upset another person who is trying to insult you or talk to you negatively.
Tom: why are you always an asshole to everyone??

marty : get dis dick nigga!
by thug fuckin militant September 29, 2011
Expression indicating the speaker's favorable opinion of that which is being evaluated
"Yo my dude, what do you think of the new edition of Madden?"
"It gets my dick hard. Gets my dick HARD."
"Yo mine too, baby. The changes to career mode are thoroughly excellent."
by September 20, 2007