Noun; A physical confrontation; A fight.
Verb; To fight.
Next time I see Donnie, I'm going to scuffle his ass.
by Bill Atwell March 4, 2004
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shuffle + scuff = scuffle; when one drags his feet as if he has all the time in the world
When Chris, Evan, and Harry scuffle, they walk ever so slow.
by norr November 6, 2003
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Hey baby, put your scuffles on and get in here.
by Jeffery Turbo December 3, 2019
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A girl that is incredibly friendly and flirty with multiple guys, leading them to believe they have a chance of dating her. The girl actually never intends to date them and the guys never had a chance. She may do this purposefully for her own amusement, or unintentionally.
She is such a scuffle hoe. How do all those guys not realize that she is just playing them!?
by ryanfox December 26, 2011
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To scuffle up is to acquire, get, make, you know words like that.
You can "scuffle up" on pretty much anything.
Slang: I'm trying to scuffle up on some bread
Translation 1: I'm trying to make some money.
Translation 2: I'm trying to get some money.
Translation 3: I'm trying to acquire some money.

Slang: I'm trying to scuffle up on some stereos.
Translation: I'm trying to (get, acquire, steal, etc) some stereos.
by JGuzmannn November 25, 2006
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Bug Scuffle - n., a brief, vigorous, public dispute between insignificant persons, esp. of those of low or sleazy character.
"The celebrities had a bug scuffle over the issue, making them both appear stupid," or, "The arriving-officers were told that the bar fight was not major - just a bug scuffle".
by Dave Sohagi September 7, 2010
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