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Ishmael normally referred to as Ish, is a guy you'd want to have behind your back. He is Tall, smart, sexy, sporty, kind, generous, encouraging, attractive, strong, has great handskills, funny, trustworthy, loyal and a great friend. You gotta love him!
*Ishmael walks into the room*
Zoe: "Hey"
Amy: Back of bitch, he's mine"
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by sahdoode August 24, 2016
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Ishmael is a sexy, cute human who doesn’t like to show emotions but when he does you are sure to smile. He is a great friend and girls love him
Wow look at that Ishmael he is so sexy
by Lily.abcdefg July 06, 2018
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ishmael is a type of person who is a bro and will always be there for u if u seek help.He is a good friend to have because he will always make u laugh whenever someone has pissed u off. he has a very easy-going personality and is very atheltic.
omds have u seen ishmael?
(no why)
i need him to skill someone up in basketball
by SNEAKY1.COM July 07, 2018
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An ashy tall man who fades into the background of pictures. He normally says "no homo" after every sentence, but he actually is extremely homo, no shame tho, we gotta love Ishmael!
"yo Amber, who is the ashiest, guy, you know?"
"Yardy know that Daniel, it's Ishmael for sure"
by dOg321 February 19, 2019
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A fucking Wii hacker , He likes to watch big anime boobs and the csi is going to catch him , before he rapes all the wiis , he hates Xbox , he likes to say “ha” he can be nice but don’t make him mad or he will make the face

Gabby:hey have u seen my Wii?
Jillian:no I Ha- OH GOD
by 18_Kawaii_BatMan May 04, 2018
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A vegan shit who only eats plants. A fatass and chubby cake eating shitter. Is gay and likes it. Will eat your shit and scratch you like a bitch
Kid 1: you smell that
Kid2: yea it’s probably an Ishmael
by Superbrokeboi March 03, 2019
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