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It is a SONG created by DJ Unk. The dance WAS NOT created by him. The dance is the same thing as the poole palace.
You can find plenty of videos on how to poole palce on youtube, including the "walk it out" video itself.
by Glenn_Quagmire September 23, 2006

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Glenn is the sex-crazed next door neighbor and one of Peter Griffin's best friends. He is often seen trying to pick up women for anonymous sex, whether it be a cheesy date with an unlucky woman or some form of a blowup doll. One of his catch phrases are "Giggity giggity goo".
Glenn Quagmire: Dear diary... JACKPOT.
by Glenn_Quagmire September 15, 2006

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A popular custom game for Warcraft 3. Involves the use of footmen units and/or a hero.
Person A: Man, have you tryed footmen frenzy yet?
Person B: No, why?
Person A: It beats Dota by along shot!
by Glenn_Quagmire September 08, 2006

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Another variation of the word "please".
Based off my calculations, I have come up wit the following formula:

ploz > plz > please

Therefore, Use the word ploz. It will make you a cooler person while chatting on the internets.
by Glenn_Quagmire October 13, 2006

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Dissing someone, or making jokes at someone.
Shootin ex:

Ather: "u fckin feed da children lookin ass, planet of the apes nigga."
by Glenn_Quagmire December 04, 2006

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False, misleading, and deceitful bullshit women tend to do.
Flirting is clearly IMBA.
by Glenn_Quagmire December 01, 2006

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