to be extremely drunk or high, but at the same time, enjoyable.

Also used as a verb to "shmack", or as an adverb as in "shmacking."
"this video shows others in their words, getting "shmacked""

"i'm obviously shmacked as hell right now"
"walt thank you very much, more on shmacking, later"
"to commerate being shmacked the creators of the video are now selling T-shirts."
by General Chow Mein February 26, 2012
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To become intoxicated to the point of not even being able to stand up, know what's going on, or correctly pronounce any word.
Dude, I was so shmacked from playing loko pong that I fucked a cow.
by Pfffffttttt October 21, 2010
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Dumb way of saying smacked. Just means that youre really really high off some good marijuana.
I was so shmacked last night.
by thebx41 September 20, 2012
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annoying ass vegas guys and girls that think they’re hard by getting blacked out & just hookup each other like a huge triangle when in reality everyone thinks that they’re lame.
“shmacked or ltt party tonight?”
def ltt.”
by LTT June 19, 2019
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becoming drunk to the point that you perform the Shmoney Dance
Dude, I was so shmacked last night at the party. I lost it when Hot Nigga came on.
by chrestor November 4, 2014
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An adjective usually used to describe food meaning "good". Commonly used in replacement of "delicious"
Do you want some animal fries from In n out?
Bruh, that sounds shmack.

Have you tried the animal fries? They're shmack.
by Dalsegnox July 23, 2017
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A person at Pali that has the shmacks like a suroin or a juul to keep it low key ya feel me?
1ST guy at pali:You got the shmacks
2nd guy:yeah bro want a shmack.
by Pali shmacker low key May 31, 2018
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