The best thing to eat out of anything edible, late at night or while faded and/or after consuming multiple alcoholic beverages. Native to the west coast fast food chain In-N-Out, animal fries are part of the "secret menu" and consist of french fries covered in melted american cheese, diced grilled onions, and a sort of ghetto-aioli sauce.
'Oh my god, I wasn't even hungry. But that drunk fool said two words: Animal Fries'

'Dude, you know what I could go for? Some aaanimal frrries'
'Pass that shit'

"I would upload a picture of these here animal fries, but they're all gone except three because I fucking ATE THEM ALREADY"
by AnimalFryz September 26, 2006
French fries ordered with onions, cheese, and burger sauce off of the secret menu at IN n OUT burger. Also when a french fry has sex with another french fry animal style, aka doggy style.
Last night I smoked so much Charlie Sheen OG that I ordered my french fries animal style @ IN N OUT Burger.
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 12, 2017