To avoid drawing attention to yourself, staying out of trouble, by keeping a low profile, avoiding confrontation with (black) people, not driving a car or wearing clothes that draw attention. Especially used by people of color who can easily get into trouble, especially when they decide to "keep it real"
Example 1
Jerome: hey dawg why ain't you sayin' anything to Shakalika and her boyfriend Andre?
Jamal: I stayin' out of trouble dawwwg, I keep it low
Jerome: I keeps it low too!
Example 2:
Quentin: boss, watcha doin'?
Germaine: Just nuttin, I keeps it low
Quentin: Dat's gooood!
by Royce08 April 16, 2008
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the act of doing an action or having a substance twice a month in order to "keep it low" or "minimum".
by new420rules June 26, 2017
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Not wanting numerous sexual partners.
I'm not going to sleep with him. I'm trying to keep my number low.
by luvnlife January 11, 2017
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In real life, it's unsavory, dangerous, or disgusting actions done in urban rental property - be intentional or unintentional - to deter new tenants and force the landlord from increasing the rent (as no one would normally pay high rent for an unsafe or unkept property, and the existing tenants stay because of the lower price).

Online, it's a community's acts of exaggerated unpopular behavior as a way to gatekeep by attempting piss off and deter unwanted members and behaviors on purpose. Said behavior may not necessarily be how the community actually behaves.
Guy 1: Landlord's about to increase the rent

Guy 2: *plays porn on max volume* *discharges a pistol in the air* *pisses on the floor outside*

Guy 2: There, I'm keeping the rent low


User: Hey Admin, the server's starting to get more Anti Shippers
Admin: Get me pics of incest ships, I'll plaster it in the announcements channel to keep the rent low
by TehAwesomestKitteh October 29, 2023
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Negligent discharge of firearms close or inside urban rental property, be intentional or not intentional.

Playing loud music and watching pornography on high volume.

Better exicuted if your neighbors are as cool as you.
Guy 1: "Hey neighbor, did you hear a gun shot last night?"

Guy 2: " That was me keeping the rent low. Friend in apartments up the block said they raised his rent"
by Ndotktrl August 3, 2022
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