To avoid drawing attention to yourself, staying out of trouble, by keeping a low profile, avoiding confrontation with (black) people, not driving a car or wearing clothes that draw attention. Especially used by people of color who can easily get into trouble, especially when they decide to "keep it real"
Example 1
Jerome: hey dawg why ain't you sayin' anything to Shakalika and her boyfriend Andre?
Jamal: I stayin' out of trouble dawwwg, I keep it low
Jerome: I keeps it low too!
Example 2:
Quentin: boss, watcha doin'?
Germaine: Just nuttin, I keeps it low
Quentin: Dat's gooood!
by Royce08 April 16, 2008
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Not wanting numerous sexual partners.
I'm not going to sleep with him. I'm trying to keep my number low.
by luvnlife January 11, 2017
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the act of doing an action or having a substance twice a month in order to "keep it low" or "minimum".
by new420rules June 26, 2017
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